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Writer and illustrator Mark Bardsley has granted us permission to produce a beautiful set of exclusive mugs for the animal  lover! “Bardsley’s I love illustration mugs” are a new commisioned series  

Mark’s work has been featured on BBC2’s Autumn Watch Unsprung program and he has made regular appearances on the Create & Craft channel. As well as being a cartoonist he also writes poetry for children and his recent E book, “Billy won’t pass the Parcel”, a collection of 40 hilarious illustrated poems, is available from Amazon. Mark is allowing us to produce mugs of I love illustration mugs as each new illustration appears so keep watching as he produces more fantastic illustrations for this collection.

Each mug is presented in a clear presentation box, with a background that reflects the image of the mug

Postage cost is included in your order

http://www.markbardsleyillustration.co.uk/ Take a look on Marks personalsite 


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