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Pets In A Mess is a new humorous CD Rom for everyone that likes to add humour to their card making.

Mark Bardsley is an outstanding and popular wild life artist. Following on from past successes like 'Great Outdoors' and 'Garden Sheds', he has created this fantastic collection of original artwork showing our love for pets and the stressful situations they get into.

There are hundreds of different pets and their owners in everyday stressful and quirky situations that occur in our natural environment. This CD is full of animals and birds that have been created for use in all sorts of crafting design. Create your very own scenes using the interactive design studio that will instantly create cards in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We have created 20 ready made designed cards that can be printed out in a wide variety of shaped cards plus other techniques like Decoupage, Topper shapes. All with matching backing sheets, inserts and envelopes.

You also have everything as line art for digistamps and the ability to import your own images, this will allow you to personalise your cards.

Don’t forget you can view all your designs in 3D using our unique 3D card viewer that will save you money. This CD contains over 3000 printable items. Take a look on Marks personal site 

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